lazy boy [prod. layo]

by ghreklyn.

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i wrote this and recorded this in less than 2 hours
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small space boy tryna make it cross the nebula
goin up to hot boys tryna get their cellular
i'm just workin minimum minimal like an animal making that minimum wage
cause i'm at that age, age where i need to be making cents, make sense?
tryna make some dollas tryna make some boys holla now
i don't know who i wanna be, be the best? be the best
gotta beat ash ketchum so i gotta make it fast
talkin bout these people that i really don't like
when they try to spit back they can barely reach the mic
um, uhh, oh gee
that shit is hip hop? well you coulda fooled me
first solo track on a beat that isn't mine
career barely even started and i'm already in decline
small white and nutty call me peanut eminem
rappers wanna battle me but i don't wanna battle them
cus i'm a fragile young teen who can barely spit fire
what am i even saying it's barely just mild
i'm just tryna be an individual
but its hard to do that when i make my lines predictable yeah


released August 5, 2016
prod. layo, originally for filthy frank.
no profit is being made off this track



all rights reserved


ghreklyn. Victoria, British Columbia

i make music when i feel like it which is either never or always with no inbetween

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